What to pack?

K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Sugar
1 pair of Jeans. To fly in (pockets)
1 sweats/leggings
4 Long sleeved shirts
2 t-shirts
Socks long and short
Tennis shoes
Waterproof boots (my short Chooka ones from Costco have been amazing!)
Jacket &/or vest.
1 nice outfit for dinner.

Other than that, no one cares. Wear the same things. If you’re a clean person. Less is more. Plus, more room for shopping.

This is just my experience so far two weeks into it. We’re currently having 45° – 55° temps, so a pair of light weight long John’s would’ve been nice for me.

Vermont Fall Foliage

Route plan


Glenwood Springs, CO – Hot Springs South Dakota – Mount Rushmore Makinac Island – Tiki RV Park Niagara Falls area – Canada side Vermont – Family & races. Washington DC – Smithsonian Institute. North Carolina – Family Southern route home. Hopefully, more Family in Texas.


5 bedroom, 3 bath, 3 car garage. 2,200 sqft.
(Hot tub & pool)

Sell the house & live small? Have you lost your mind? Yes!!

When did it become a “thing” that bigger, better, want more, need more was the mentality? When did I think my self worth increased due to the size & quality of my home? Like many people do, we both grew up poor. So, essentially we MADE IT!! Our dream home. Check ✔

What about our happiness? Gone! Working, working & more working to pay the mortgage, utilities, and to buy stuff to fill the extra empty rooms.

Selling the house was so emotionally difficult. Getting rid of stuff. Stuff that I picked out for just the perfect “display” on this shelf. We donated 2 full truck loads of stuff. We sold or gave away lots more stuff!

Start with just 1 drawer. Eliminate. Simplify. It’s so freeing. Less is more!! More happiness for us at least.

We bought a camper. If it dont fit, then we don’t need it. Life is good!


Just want to start out by telling y’all sorry (not sorry) for how talented & skilled my Joe is. Here’s a few modifications that he’s done to make our trip more efficient.

Tacoma Seat Jackers desertdoesit.com

Seat Jackers

Joe invented these sweet puppies to elevate the front of the seats for a more comfortable ride. We feel like our seats are properly aligned to fully support the weight on our hamstrings/glutes & not our heals. Therefore, proper alignment of the vertebral column will allow 8 to 10 hour days of driving.

We will be on the road for a month, so we will need most of our clothes. Joe installed a lightweight closet system for efficient use of the space.
6 of these baskets fit perfectly. He gets 3 & I get 3. (Starting out,wink wink. I’ll probably steal one more!)
Lightweight paper towel holder
Hoodie hanger over the bathroom door.
Bike rack
Joe welded the bike rack & generator holder so that it was safe & secure while bumpin’ down the road. I have cool videos, but there may be some swear words. I’m not good at editing just yet, so I’ll save em.


Let’s be honest!
Being a control freak and leaving the comfort of my daily routine is making my anxiety go through the roof.

I went to my local
CBD American Shaman shop, and purchased Blueberry Moon hemp oil & Lip Revitalizer. I’ve been putting the oil in my coffee. It’s pretty good, and I can cut back on the creamer.